The Model (where it all began…)

This is the original model that we built as a display and test subject. In addition to answering many questions that we had about building on a trailer, this unit served as a physical representation of our concept. In the 2 years we had it,  we hauled it up and down the coast to several home shows, events, meetings and parades. This allowed us to see how excessive over the road travel might effect certain aspects of a tiny home and dial in our techniques for units commissioned by clients.

With two exterior doors, built-in blinds, casement windows and enormous skylights, this layout has incredible air flow and an open feel, with plenty of natural light.  This particular build only made it as far as an exterior shell, but was designed with a full interior in mind, including a 10' loft, full-size bath and kitchen and plenty of storage and room for a standard size sofa.

Custom Exterior Shells Starting at $25,000

Custom tiny homes for life’s big adventures.